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Anna Ronalds

Director of  US Operations

Ms. Ronalds has over 20 years of experience in the Aerospace Industry. With a Master’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Applied Intelligence, she has used her education to work on systems that have included Commercial Orbital Transportation Services, Axiom Space Station, NASA Constellation, NASA Orion, NASA Shuttle, and NASA ISS. She has worked on solid rocket booster design and analysis of Ariane V and commercial aircraft engines for Airbus.

In her career, she has worked as Aerospace Engineer, Design Engineer, Systems Engineer, and Project Manager in spacecraft and space suit design and development. She has integrated spacecraft and spacecraft subsystems. She has been involved with Test and Verification, safety and reliability, spaceflight and ground operations, sustaining engineering, human factors, software development, software verification, validation and accreditation, specialty engineering analyses, mission design, and business development. She has worked in both Research and Development as well as production and operations. Ms. Ronalds has also served in Capture Management, Business Development, Export Control, and Human Resources, making her a well-rounded individual with a thorough understanding of how to manage large and diverse organizations. This wide variety of engineering, management, and business experiences led to her current function as Vice President of Operations.

She has been awarded numerous NASA and industry awards including a Silver Snoopy and a Rotary National Award for Space Achievement for exceptional leadership, technical expertise and dedication to NASA human spaceflight programs in systems engineering, integration and strategic analysis.

The space industry has relied on Ms. Ronalds to lead the most challenging hardware and software development programs and rescue troubled projects. Her strengths lie in applying technical, cost and schedule rigor in product and service development. She has a passion for leading and building teams and excels at clearly communicating with both internal and external audiences at all levels.

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