Ayman Qaddumi

Executive Manager

Ayman Qaddumi started his career working on NASA’s space shuttle program.  He and five of his peers led a team in developing NASA’s Space Shuttle vehicle simulation system for shuttle payloads. A description of the system can be found here: http://patents.justia.com/inventor/ayman-quaddumi.

Ayman worked at NASA Johnson Space Center in many capacities as a systems engineer, a software project manager and a program manager for different divisions; these included space flight operations, Shuttle Flight Software, advanced avionics for deep space exploration, and robotics.

Ayman has led innovation efforts in these fields utilizing the latest in artificial intelligence, data analytics, and advanced cybersecurity technologies. Currently, Ayman is leading the NASA payloads integration effort on the NOVA-C lunar lander launching to the moon in 2021 as the first ever commercial mission to the moon.